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Survive An Engine Failure


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Engine failures can come at the most unexpected times. Freezing or wondering what to do is not the answer. Follow our simple series of steps and prepare yourself to land safely.
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The First Australian Learn-to-Fly Video Set

Compliment your actual pilot certificate flight training and use as a refresher.

You're IN the Cockpit

This Video course takes you right into the cockpit. No more boring lectures on the physics of flying. No more tedious footage of heads talking at you. You see what the pilot sees

Designed to compliment your actual pilot certificate flight training you won't need to refer to hastily jotted notes anymore. Or rack your memory trying to remember actually what the instructors said. It's now all there at your fingertips. Ready to play back time and time again.

Real Instructors taking you on Real Flights covering ALL the critical flying and safety elements needed to complete your RA Pilot Certificate. Designed to simplify and speed up the training process you'll save valuable flying time and money by mastering the lessons at your convenience.

Videos are made by licensed recreational aviation fly school GoFly Aviation


  • Real in-flight and air-to-air footage
  • Compliment your actual training