Calendar Tips.

  1. Understanding the Calendars

    GOOGLE = 'Master'. iBOOKING = 'Slave'

    The iBooking Calendar is a 'slave' of the Google Calendar.

    The iBooking Calendar is used to place a particular type of booking (a paid lesson booking from the ilearntofly website) into its final resting place, the Google Calendar.

    Any appointment put into the Google Calendar regardless of what-for or from-what source will remove the corresponding timeslots from the available times in the iBooking Calendar.

    Look at the 3 sample calendar events in the example below.

    1. 1. The 1st event is a lesson booking made via the iLearnToFly website
    2. 2. The 2nd event is a manual booking for maintenance put directly into the Google Calendar
    3. 3. The 3rd event is a manual booking for the Instructor's Dentist appointment put directly into the Google Calendar

    For all bookings put into the Google Calendar the result is the same, the corresponding lesson slots are taken out of availability.

    calendar compare
  2. Google Calendar can be accessed from computer browsers, tablets and smartphones

    Any computer with an internet connected browser (eg. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome etc) can access the Google Calendar page.

    Similarly there are various apps that run on tablets and smartphones which also access the Google Calendar. These are usually faster to operate than a browser and sometimes allow you to still see the previous calendar entries when out of range or offline.

    IDEA 1:Load the free Calenmob app onto your iphone and link your Google Calendar so you can see it wherever you are. Then load the browser page onto the office computer so your staff can see and make bookings without you.