Demo For Flying Schools.

This information will walk you through a demonstration of iLearnToFly's online booking system

  1. Log In

    Login to the site as user with password demodemo

    (You'll find the "login" button on the menu bar above like this.)

  2. Choose Your Plane

    Click on the button alongside "Demo Plane".

    In this demo there is only 1 choice of plane to book "Demo Plane".

    (Registered users declare their preferred flying school when registering. The system then shows only the planes operated by that preferred flying school.)

  3. View the iBooking Calendar for open flight slots

    The booking calendar for "Demo Plane" displays and allows you to look for open 2 hour slots.

    (While you may not actually fly for the 2 hours this is the standard booking slot for lessons.)

  4. Click on a slot to book

    Clicking to choose a particular open slot opens a short booking form screen up.

    Complete the details and Click "Confirm Booking"

    (Online payment for demo bookings has been turned off for demonstration purposes)

    That's it! Your demo booking is now made.

    • The plane's Booking Calendar is instantly updated.
    • For real bookings your PayPal account is automatically credited with the flight fees.
    • For real bookings as the operator of the plane, you'll get an email alerting you to a new bookings being made.
    • In this demo as the user you'll get an email confirmation like all bookers get.
  5. Review The Plane's Forward Booking Calendar

    As a Flying School you'll want to see what bookings are coming up for your plane.

    Each plane has its own "Booking Calendar" integrated into Google Calendars. (Google Calendars is a free cloud-based calendering service from Google.)

    Click to View "Demo Plane's" Booking Calendar now at Google.

    (We've made this Calendar public for demonstration purposes only)

  6. See More About Calendars

    Calendar Tips